🇬🇧 // As much as I love it to be a woman, I usually don’t like it when my looks are too feminin. I somehow always need a little androgyn touch to feel comfortable in what I’m wearing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a big fan of elegant and girly pieces, I just need to style them my way. And as much as I love everything glittery and cute, I’m not that kind of girl who likes to dress like barbie. I know there’s lots of women out there who can’t get enough of flouncy tops, sequin jackets or glittery nailpolish, and that’s totally ok. But for me too much of this stuff at once literally causes some sort of anxieties… View Post

🇬🇧 // Hi guys, I hope you’re all doing well? Here’s a new outfit post from my side. I’m really liking this one because the skirt is one of my new favorite pieces atm. I got it a while ago from the online store and it’s from a brand called WYLDR London. That brand is new to me but they have a lot of really cool pieces, so I’ll definitely shop there again. :-) In general, for the past few months I’ve never really found the time for a good shopping tour as I’m pretty busy. Therefore online shopping comes in very handy. I often shop directly from my iPhone and then get everything delivered either straight home or to… View Post

🇬🇧 // As Valentine’s Day is coming up on February 14th I decided to film a makeup tutorial that is inspired by the color of love: red. I worked again with the Urban Decay XX Vice LDT Reloaded palette and the UD Electric palette. I also used an effect eyeshadow the create the illusion of an halo smokey eye. (Btw. the effect eyeshadow I already used in this video about two years ago.. pretty funny my videos from back then haha) …… View Post

🇬🇧 // Let’s be real: I’m a little geek. I love all the things digital and technical and can spend hours in front of my computer optimizing layouts or learn about new software. But most of the time you don’t even need your computer to do cool stuff because our smartphones already offer a wide range of creative and helpful tools. That’s why I wanted to present you some of my favorite apps that I use on a regular basis. There’s a little bit of everything and some of them are super useful whereas others are just there for fun. You might get to know one or two that you haven’t been aware of yet and some of them could even… View Post