🇬🇧 // Fashion Bloggers are often considered as very fashionable and constantly wearing the latest and loudest trends. I guess, that’s mainly true as a lot of looks you see on a fashion blogger first later find their way into the mainstream. Well, lots of my outfits are pretty basic and there’s a lot of trends I give a wide berth. Am I not a real fashion blogger then? Let’s be real: If you see me on the streets on a normal weekday you’d probably never think that I operate a fashion blog. It is to say that my standard outfit I wear almost every day looks super simple: skinny jeans, t-shirt (often a band shirt), boots and a leather jacket (or some other kind… View Post

🇬🇧 // Since I had invested my savings in an expensive Louis Vuitton Neverfull at the age of 19 I have barely bought new bags. I had spent a lot of money back then, however I’m still using the bag frequently and enjoy wearing this high quality and timeless accessory. When it comes to bags I’m super sensitive anyway and I rarly find one that I truly like. So it came that this bag was my constant companion over many years and we’ve been experiencing a lot together. And even after years wearing it the bag is still in a great shape and the slight wearout gives it an interesting charme. But now finally the time came to welcome another faithful friend to… View Post

🇨🇭// Vor einiger Zeit war ich mal im SRF Studio für ein geheimes Projekt. Nun darf ich endlich bekannt geben, worum es da ging. Kennt ihr bereits Andrea’s Future Food Lab? Die Insektenköchin Andrea ist überzeugt davon, dass die kleinen Sechsbeiner in der Zukunft vermehrt auf unseren Tellern landen sollten. Nun hat das Schweizer Fernsehen darüber eine Online Serie gedreht. Ich durfte mit drei anderen YouTubern, darunter Nathalie Celine sowie den Girls von Chunky Dough das ungewohnte Menu aus Mehlwürmern, Windheuschrecken und Ameisen, welches Meta Hiltebrand für uns gezaubert hat, testen. Wie das genau abging seht ihr im Video. :-) Ich finde die Idee Insekten zu kochen interessant, da wir für die Zukunft doch stets Aussicht nach neuen Nahrungsquellen halten sollten. Jedoch hat… View Post

As you should know by now I really like to play with dark makeup. I pretty much tried out everything from dark smokey eyes to bold lips or even black lipstick. And to me, a woman that really knows how to pull of this extraordinary look is Taylor Momsen from the Pretty Reckless. That’s why this makeup is inspired by her style. I basically only used the “color” black on the eyes and on the lips. What do you think about this?   Products I used: Kohl Pencil – Always Sharp Waterproof Khol Liner from Smashbox Eyeshadow – Photo Matte Eyes Eyeshadow Palette from Smashbox Primer – Oil Free Photo Finish Primer from Smashbox Foundation – Beyond Perfecting Foundation in… View Post