5 Styling Ideas How To Refresh Your Look For Spring

5 Styling Ideas How To Refresh Your Look For Spring

It’s April! The fourth month of 2015. I love this time of the year. It gets warmer again and everything feels fresher and brighter. For me this is also the time when I finally realize a new year has started. It’s certainly time to get out of the comfort zone and accomplish new goals. I don’t know if it’s the weather that makes me feel like that. Or the colors that are starting to pop up everywhere in nature again. But there is definitely some kind of spirit in the air that makes me feel like starting all over again.Hello-Spring-Goodbye-Winter-How-To-StyleThe same counts for the wardrobe. To me, clothing and inner beauty go hand in hand. The way I feel is a reflection of the way I look. Usually when I’m feeling good about myself I also look my best. And when I don’t, –I don’t. So, at this time I feel the need to change up my look a bit and get it spring ready. Here, I want to share with you some of the ways I accomplish this.

Refreshing your look doesn’t mean you have to go shopping and spend a bunch of money on a whole new outfit. It’s the little side effects that can make a huge difference. It is actually pretty simple. All you need is a little bit of creativity and willingness to try out new things. This can be really fun and you may discover things that you never thought you would like or look good in. I can confirm this because it happened to me.
There is only one rule about fashion I have for myself and I want to share it with you: If something feels awkward, it probably is! If you don’t feel confident leaving the house the way you look, it’s not the right look. Don’t wear clothes just because everyone else does, or because someone tells you to. Wear things that make you feel pretty, confident and free. That’s the only rule I follow.

So ifWatercolor floral greeting card with "Spring" lettering. Vintage you are like me and feel inspired to freshen up your look this season, here are some ideas that might help you too. As I said already, to me, it’s not about changing your whole look. It’s more about giving your personal look a bit of a spring flair and set a fun and fresh course. I’m sure some of the things I list below already exist in your closet.


1. Pop Up Colors

Pop Up Colors are a fun way to accent your outfit and give it a fresh touch. This means you keep your whole outfit neutral expect for a Pop Up Color that stands out against the rest. You can choose any piece of your outfit to be the pop up color. I find the easiest and safest way is to make one of your accessories stand out. From a yellow bag to a green scarf or blue heels, anything is possible. If you are brave enough you can also make your pants, shirt or jacket the pop up piece. But then I would recommend to stay away from blue jeans and keep everything else in white, grey and black.


2. Pink lips and golden highlighter

Try it. I know it may sounds scary. I was afraid of wearing pink lipstick too. But it gives your face a nice fresh look. There are hundreds of different shades of pink. There will for sure be one that fits you as well. Just a little bit of pink lipstick can change your whole appearance. Plus, adding golden highlighter instead of silver gives your face a warmer tone. I like that a lot more personally. Also, don’t feel like you have to buy a high-end lipstick to try out this trend. Brands like e.l.f., NYX or Essence have great offers from $1.00 to $6.00. So do it like me and get a cheaper option to try out this look if this is new to you.

e.l.f. cosmetics

3. Floral Print Accessories and Kimonos

Floral Prints are always a great way to get me in spring mood. This season often gets associated with flowers as everything starts to grow again. So why not change up your wardrobe with a few floral prints? This certainly makes you and the people around you feel the season!


4. Stripes

I don’t know what it is exactly about stripes that gets me into the Spring mood. But this print definitely has a refreshing and exciting appearance that works perfectly with the current season. Especially if you choose light colors like white, blue, turquoise or orange. You can apply this idea to any part of your outfit. Whether you go for a striped shirt, a striped bag or striped shoes – everything works. If you struggle with how to combine them, check out my blog post “5 Tips how to combine stripes“.



5. White & Grey (No Black)

Are you a girl that prefers black over any other color? So am I. But skipping this color for your outfit can really help your look to appear fresher and more dynamic. Instead of black choose white or a light grey to be your neutral color and see what a difference it can make.




What’s your favorite spring outfit? Were these tips helpful for you? Let me know in the comments below!