5 Reasons Why To Smile More!

5 Reasons Why To Smile More!

There’s no doubt about it; people who smile are much more attractive than people who frown. You don’t have to be considered a beauty to be attractive to others. You just have to smile – really! Just think of all the people you know, others are attracted to. Do they smile often or frown?

smile-plate-pancackes-honeySmiling has a very unusual effect on the body. Did you know that we can actually trick ourselves into feeling a lot better when we smile. This is because smiling and laughing release painkilling endorphins that are natural painkillers, and serotonin which is necessary for our well-being. These effects really help us feeling better; both physically and emotionally.

Also smiling makes us appear younger. Frowning uses many muscles in the face that create sharp lines between our eyes and on our cheeks. Those wrinkles make us appear older and detract from an attractive, smooth appearance. Smiling, on the other hand, only uses only 13.

 i-am-metal-heart-smiling-smile-happyAccording to Christopher Peterson PhD, University of Michigan, scientific studies have proven that people who are optimistic (and therefore smile a lot) have much better health. This is due to a more robust immune system and healthy blood pressure caused by smiling. Don’t you know a person who is really happy and rarely seems to get the flu or colds? Their smile actually is actually keeping them healthy.

Smiling furthermore stimulates brain and heart activity. So if you have trouble working out a problem, don’t worry, smile. The answer could come to you much more easily.

Remember, stress makes you look worn out and tired; that’s very aging. If you take the time to find something to smile about, it will relieve your stress and make you look and feel much better. So next time you are stressed, put on a smile. Think of all the good things you have in your life, or all the funny things that have happened to you. Remembering those moments can help you to feel better. You could even keep an album filled with funny pictures of you and your friends on your desk to look at when things get you down.

Smiling can not only change your appearance and your mood for the better; it can even change the mood of those around you. So do something good for yourself and help others too. Smile!



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