Why I Love Heavy Metal – I am Metal Heart


I am Metal Heart is a lifestyle blog founded by Carina Danièle. Highly influenced by Heavy Metal, Fashion and Beauty this site is all about things that might not fit together well in the public eye. The main focus of this site is to show the individual style of Carina paired with beauty tips and lifestyle posts. Also her work as a Rock and Heavy Metal DJ can be felt throughout the content and distinguishes from many other sites. Thanks to the hard work and unique stories I am Metal Heart has quickly grown into a well recognized lifestyle blog in Switzerland since its start in 2014.

“No one is you, and that is your power.”

The aim of this website is to entertain and educate women all over the world to free themselves from any social pressure and stay true to themselves.

About the author:

Carina Danièle was born in September 1990 and grew up in beautiful Lucerne, Switzerland. Since a little girl she has always been fascinated by fashion and was pretty headstrong when it came to her personal outfits. The undying passion for music came later on and at the age of 22 she started working as a Rock and Heavy Metal DJ and ever since frequently plays in local bars and clubs.

Besides her interest in fashion and music, Carina finished her bachelor degree in Business Administration and Sustainable Development at University of Berne in Summer 2015 and since then works full-time in the marketing department for a Swiss concert promoter.