Beauty Series – Part 1: The Perfect Face

Beauty Series – Part 1: The Perfect Face

Hey Guys, here’s part #1 of my Beauty Series and it’s all about the perfect face makeup. So if you ever wondered how to get this even, glowing and fresh looking face this video is for you! The video itself should be pretty self-explaining but in case you like to read what I do in each step I wrote down everything for you too:

To start off take some sort of CC or BB Cream to moisture your face and even out first imperfections on your skin. I use here the complexion rescue from Bare minerals and applying it all over my face using my fingers. Then move over to foundation and apply a little bit of product evenly all over your face to cover any blemishes and create a clean surface. Try to find a product that is right for your skin type. Depending on if you have dry or oily skin, products can give different results on your skin. Myself, I have normal to dry skin and a few blemishes on the forehead and the chin area. I’m using here the anti blemish solutions from Clinique and I’m really happy with it’s results. Try to really dab the product into your skin, not just smearing it around your face for a smooth appearance. Then take a cosmetic tissue and dab it onto your face to remove any excess product. If you wonder why I do this I may refer you to my last video.

I’m sure you have heard the terms highlighting and contouring at some point in your life. Still struggling with what it means? Well basically these are steps you do to give your face more dimension, look more alive and have a nice glow. Let’s start with the highlighting part. Take a concealer at least two lights lighter than your foundation and apply it on the highest parts of your face and underneath your eyes. Under your eyes the concealer helps to brighten up that area and hide dark circles. On your chin, cupid bow, nose bridge, forehead and under your cheekbones the concealer helps to reflect the light and make you look brighter and fresher. As a next step take a BB Bronzing product for contouring. You can also use a foundation that is darker than your normal one but I find that BB Bronzer is more forgiving and gives you a nicer glow. So if you are a beginner definitely go for this kind of product. Apply this down your cheek bones, up to your temples and on your hairline. Also put it on your jawline and down the sides of your nose starting at the beginning of your eyebrows.

OK now its time to blend out our war paint ;-) I prefer a beauty blender for this step. It makes blending out everything evenly and smoothly very easy. Start with blending the highlighted parts first. Just dab the beauty blender onto these areas and make small circled movements. Then move over to the contoured parts and blend those the same way. Try to blend them outwards your face. This looks nicer and helps keep the highlighted parts clean of the bronzer. Then also after this step I take a cosmetic tissue and remove any excess product to keep it from creasing.

This is an optional step: If you feel like you have still some bad blemishes that show through take a high coverage concealer in your skin tone an apply it specifically onto these areas. I like to put this product also around my nose as this are often tends to redness. Then blend with your ring finger.

Lastly take a powder to set everything in place. Make sure you don’t have a whole lotta powder on your brush and first apply the product onto your t-zone, then just go over your whole face with whats left on the brush and you’re all set. Too much powder can make your face look cakey so less is more counts  here.

Moving on to bronzing powder to get the most out of your foundation application. I prefer a matte product like the bronzer in the california bronze palette from bare minerals and apply it to the same parts on my face as I   put the bb bronzer on before. This will give more dimension to your face. Then to create this extra healthy glow take your favorite highlighter and apply it on the highest points of your cheeks and down your nose. This helps reflect the light so you look extra glowy and fresh.

Lastly apply some blush onto your cheeks for a natural freshness. And that’s it guys. All the steps to create a beautiful and  clean canvas for further makeup looks.


I hope this was helpful for you and the video will help you recreate everything easily. Stay tuned for the part #2 of Beauty Series next week where I will show you how to create the perfect eye makeup for any occasion. Till then have fun experimenting with your own makeup ;-)


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  1. August 24, 2015 / 9:00 am

    “Now it’s time to blend out our war paint.” That was funny to me.

    • August 24, 2015 / 9:23 am

      Hihi thank you Sally :-) Carina

  2. August 24, 2015 / 8:01 am

    I always need to know beauty tips and tricks, so this was super helpful! You’re gorgeous!

    • August 24, 2015 / 7:29 am

      Thank you so much girl! :-) Carina