Casual City Look and How To (Or Not To?) Take Good Pictures



Usually I like to plan out my fashion posts and have a little concept in mind. However, these pictures got taken incidentally on an evening last week. I was about to run out the house to catch my train to Zurich. But as I had a spare 3 minutes left, I handed my iPhone to my dad. I just asked him to keep his finger on the camera button for a few seconds and made some awkward movements. That was it. A new post was born. If it just always could be that simple.

These pictures therefore might not be the most creative ones on here. Oh and yeah the posing.. Let’s talk a bit about this. To be honest, I’m not the right person to ask for advice about posing at this point. I never know what to do with myself when there is a camera in front of me. Usually I just have to giggle because I feel awkward. Then walk or turn around and hope that some pictures might turn out to be usable.

What I’ve realized so far though is, that it can look good to put your hands on your hips and push your hips to the side a little bit. This makes you look more feminine. Also I think, crossing your legs can help to make them appear longer and more slender. Same effect happens when you push your bum a bit back and your upper part of the body a bit towards the photographer.

Overall, I think – from looking at mine – pictures turn out best when you are in a constant movement. Just walk around, jump, bend down or do whatever you feel like, but don’t just stand still. And then ask the photographer to take lots of pictures (I always ask them to burst). So afterwards you have a huge selection to go through and pick out the best ones. I usually have at least a 100-1’000 pictures of an outfit. And then about 10-20 make it on the website. Haha, maybe that’s a really unprofessional advice I give here. But that’s just what works best for me now, and I thought I want to share this with you. I’m sure I will get better at all this the more I do it. And I’m really willing to learn more about it. But for now that’s my method. So if you are thinking about taking pictures of your outfits don’t get frustrated if they don’t look perfect in the beginning. You have to start somewhere right? ;-)

And now a few words about the outfit: I’m wearing a simple black skinny Jeans and a white tank top as a base. To make to look more interesting I added an oversized patterned cardigan and a thin brown leather jacket I found in a thrift store. I love the little bohemian vibe that is going on in this look. And the shoes I’m wearing are my favorites at the moment. They just look so cool and are comfortable to wear. I found them at Forever 21 and got them at the VIP Sale for 40% off. So they were a true bargain too :-) Then I wear my rounded Ray Bans, a rose gold watch and some mixed jewelry.

Casual City Look - I am Metal HeartCasual City Look - I am Metal HeartCasual City Look - I am Metal HeartCasual City Look - I am Metal HeartCasual City Look - I am Metal HeartCasual City Look - I am Metal HeartCasual City Look - I am Metal HeartCasual City Look - I am Metal HeartCasual City Look - I am Metal HeartCasual City Look - I am Metal Heart

Casual City Look I am Metal Heart

Outfit details:

Black Skinny Pants – Bullhead (found at Marshalls)

White Tank Top – Topshop

Cardigan – Brandy Meveille

Leather Jacket – Allan Denis (found at a thrift store)

Cut out shoes – Forever 21

Sunglasses – Ray Ban

Necklaces and Chocker – Tally Weijl



Do you like this look? What do you like to wear on a casual day? Let me know in the comment section below.


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  1. Viginia Luther
    February 10, 2017 / 7:29 am

    Thank you for the wonderful post.
    I like the outfit very much.Really stunning.You look marvelous in this outfit.

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