How To Style Leather Pants

How To Style Leather Pants

Leather_PantsI’m a rock ‘n’ roller.. denim and leather are the two biggest essentials in my wardrobe. And I love to wear leather pants!! But the thing with leather pants is that they can quickly look slutty instead of sexy. That’s why it is really important to style them correctly. Here are some rules you can follow to make sure you get it right:

1. Let the pants be your only leather piece! (Except if you’re Rob Halford), don’t try to wear them with a matching jacket. Aside from the shoes and the bag your pants should be the only thing leather to be on the safe side!!

2. The pants need to fit you perfectly! Make sure you have the right size and the right cut, as this is essential to make this piece work! It may need some patience and time but searching for the right fit is definitely worth it!

3. The cut: I’d go for a tight skinny cut that looks like a seconds skin to get the most out of it! I also prefer pockets on the back and zipper pockets on the front to give it a rockin’ look.

4. The material: Okay, of course not all of us can afford real leather pants, as a good pair costs easily 500$ at least, and maybe some of us don’t want to wear them because of our conscience. I wear fake leather pants too! But there is fake leather and ‘fake leather’! There are different types and some of them look cheaper than others. Try to look out for a matte and not glossy finish. Also make sure, especially when they’re fake, that the pants offer a small amount of stretch to make them fit closer to your body and go better with your movements (I can tell because my old non-stretchy ones ripped on the back..xD). This also makes them more comfortable to wear.

5. The combo: Again, as said above, to take the safe road, don’t mix them with other leather clothes. I like to set contrasts with different materials like wool or fur for example. To combine leather with bold warm materials makes it stand out even more from your outfit. You also won’t get ask about “how much?” with that combo, but for sure get some prying eyes on you. Furthermore try to avoid any other shiny fabrics as this can easily look cheap except from high quality ones like silk for example!

6. The makeup: I’d go for simple makeup look but basically you can do anything! My recommendation is set the focus either on the eyes or the lips. For example go for dark smokey eyes or red lips but don’t try to do both at the same time as the pants should be the highlight of your look. So keep your makeup simple but a little bit dramatic is the key here.

7. The last and most important advice: Wear those things with confidence girl!!! Nothing can beat a good attitude and a strong self-esteem, so make sure you feel confident and have fun!

Leather_Pants_LookSee my choice here:

  • Fake Leather Pants: Tally Weijl
  • Cardigan: Studio M
  • Tank Top: Zara
  • Stud West: Cherry
  • Scarf: H&M
  • Sunglasses: Ray Ban
  • Bag: Louis Vuitton
  • Clutch: BCBG Max Azria
  • Shoes: Christian Louboutin
  • Perfume: Burberry Brit Summer Edition
  • Lipstick: Estée Lauder
  • Nail Polish: Sally Hansen (red), Lancôme (black)

How do you like to style your leather pants? Let me know in the comments below.