My First Impressions on American Buys

My First Impressions on American Buys

I’m here in San Francisco for a week now and I already got some new beauty products! I thought they’re worth sharing so I made a blog post to let you know what I bought and if I like it or not.

Mac Products USAFirst of all I bought the two MAC Cosmetics lipsticks and a lipliner at the JFK Airport in New York.
On my way to San Francisco I had a stop over in NY where I had to kill four hours. Of course I stopped at the MAC corner when I saw those three magical letters glancing at me! I asked the beautiful lady who worked there, for the products to recreate the Kylie Jenner lips. She recommended the lipsticks, Viva Glam II and Brave, along with the lipliner in Dervish. I just couldn’t resist and got them all, although the lipsticks are both pretty similar looking (expect from the fact that Brave has a more pinkish tone and Viva Glam II seems more brownish). But I really love the colors and the texture of the products.


On Saturday we stopped by Target and after lingering around the outdoor furniture for a while I immediately disappeared into the beauty section! I always have to walk through every aisle and look at every single product to be sure I don’t miss out on anything. Luckily I have a patient boyfriend who can handle my shopping adventures.
So here are the products I got there:

maybelline fit me concealer

  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer: Everyone is raving about this concealer on YouTube so I wanted to give it a try too! I bought Nr. 15 in the color Fair which is the lightest you can get – I think. For the price of $6.45 you get 6.8 ml which to me seems pretty equitable. So far I’ve been using this baby twice and I’m really liking it. The consistency feels nice on my skin and it doesn’t seem to crease too badly. I’d definitely give this concealer a try if you’re looking for a new one!

eos lip balm coconut milk

  • eos lip balm: I’ve always wanted to try out one of these! So when I discovered them at Target I couldn’t resist. They offer a bunch of different tastes and I decided to go for the ‘coconut milk’ as I basically love everything “coconut”. But to my disappointment this lip balm doesn’t seem to taste like coconut to me… it’s more like a piña colada kinda taste I’d say. However I still like the product. The package is so handy, it makes the application so easy and I’m already addicted to that little pink bubble! It’s always right next to me on my desk and I use it all the time!

herbal essences tousle me softly hairspray

  • Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly – Let It Loose Hairspray: I needed to get a new hairspray as my luggage was limited to 23 kg and I couldn’t afford to bring one with me. This bottle from Herbal Essences grabbed my attention immediately and I decided to give it a try. If you know me a bit you should be aware that I’m in love with the “messy-wave” look. And that’s exactly what the little caption on the product promises: “Makes waves all day with touch-ably tousled hair”. Well, I wouldn’t say it makes waves if you don’t already have wavy hair, but it definitely gives it a little bit of that rough beach texture that I like a lot! And, oh my gosh! It smells like heaven!

neutrogena pore refining toner

  • Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner: I bought this product to cleanse my skin at night, after removing my makeup with an oily makeup remover. It promises to, ”Visibly reduce the appearance of pores and refine skin.” So, that appealed to me a lot. Although, after using it a few days I’m pretty unsatisfied with this product… It feels quite aggressive like I’m putting pure alcohol on my face and therefore, is pretty uncomfortable to use. Although it might be effective to clean your pores, I don’t like to use this product and can’t wait to get something else soon.
  • Erin Condren Life Planner: Something else I got erin condren life plannermyself recently and I want to mention here is my new Life Planner. For some of you it might be a bit too late to talk about an agenda but I just got mine for 2015 and it’s so cool. Definitely worth dedicating a few words to it on here. This calendar has everything I was looking for and it’s so colorful and inspiring that it makes planing so much more fun for me! I love all the cool features it comes with and the cover is even personalized. This will definitely not be the last time I get one!


Have you made experience with any of the products above? If so let me know in the comments below!