My Tips to Flawless Skin!

My Tips to Flawless Skin!

flawless_skinWhich girl doesn’t dream of flawless skin? I surely do! And I try out almost everything I can afford to get a bit closer to my goal! Luckily I don’t have problem skin.. a little pimple here and there and yeah.. redness, which is my biggest challenge. But I found some products I really love and that work perfectly to give me a smooth and flawless face for special events. I created a systematic routine to apply those products and if you follow these steps it will work for you too!


1. Apply CC Cream instead of normal moisturizer on your face after using a serum that is right for your skin type.

3. Then use a primer or a pore eraser cream to get your face ready for foundation (let it soak in and dry before next step!)

2. Use concealer to cover any redness and pimples – apply with a professional concealer brush

3. Put on liquid foundation all over your face with a foundation brush (don’t use to much! We want it to still lock natural).

4. Apply concealer under your eyes (make sure it is a tone brighter than your foundation) to set highlights and look fresher

5. Now take a big powder brush and take a tiny bit of powder and massage it in your skin making circles so it “melts” together with your foundation. You really just need a little bit otherwise your face is gonna look covered and unnatural.

6. As a last step, I apply a touch of bronzing powder on my cheeks, nose and jawbones to define and contour my face. ( P.S. I also blend a little bit in my neck to smooth the whole look).

Perfect! Your ready to put on your eye makeup and shine!!



GetInline-3My favorite products:

  • Serum: OMOJO “Acne and Tissue Serum”
  • CC Cream: Biotherm “CC Gel (medium)”
  • Primer: Maybelline “Baby Skin”
  • Concealer: Benefit “Erase Paste”
  • Concealer Brush: Mac 195
  • Foundation: Mac “Mineralize NC30”
  • Foundation Brush: Cala Foundation Brush Bamboo
  • Powder: Mac “Skinfinish NC30”
  • Powder Brush: Bare Minerals “Full Flawless Face”
  • Bronzing Powder: Bare Minerals All Over Face “Warmth”
  • Bronzing Powder Brush: Bare Minerals “Flawless Face”