How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes


This weeks makeup tutorial is all about how to look fresh and get rid of your dark under eye circles! I found out about this trick a while ago also through watching a YouTube video I think and thought I wanna share it with you guys! I know dark circles are a problem to a lot of us so I hope this video can help you and make you feel better and more confident about yourself! Let me know what you think! And do you have any other beauty tricks? :-) xx


The products I’m using in the video are:
Allround Conclealer – Catrice
Mineralize Concealer in NC30 – Mac Cosmetics
Wake Up Concealer in Nr. 1 – Manhattan
Lucidity Powder light – Estée Lauder


And for the first time I underlaid the video with music I personally like – as many of you may know I’m a heavy metal girl. So the music in this video is by the American doom metal band Orchid! Make sure to check them out if you like it! Here is a music video from their song Capricorn:
And the bands website is:
Or you can find them on facebook here:

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