How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

This weeks makeup tutorial is all about how to look fresh and get rid of your dark under eye circles! I found out about this trick a while ago also through watching a YouTube video I think and thought I wanna share it with you guys! I know dark circles are a problem to a lot of us so I hope this video can help you and make you feel better and more confident about yourself! Let me know what you think! And do you have any other beauty tricks? :-) xx


The products I’m using in the video are:
Allround Conclealer – Catrice
Mineralize Concealer in NC30 – Mac Cosmetics
Wake Up Concealer in Nr. 1 – Manhattan
Lucidity Powder light – Estée Lauder


And for the first time I underlaid the video with music I personally like – as many of you may know I’m a heavy metal girl. So the music in this video is by the American doom metal band Orchid! Make sure to check them out if you like it! Here is a music video from their song Capricorn:
And the bands website is:
Or you can find them on facebook here:

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