Marbert – I ♥ Vitamins Eye Serum

I totally believe in the fact that every part of our body has different needs and therefore also needs other treatment. This is my favorite eye care at the moment!

Perfect Eye Make-Up for Sunny Fall Days

Get your eye make-up ready for the current season and enjoy this fall even more!

My Tips to Flawless Skin!

Which girl doesn’t dream of flawless skin? I surely do! See my routine to glow all day long…

Fall Eye Makeup

It is fall. And you can finally feel it! It got cold and windy and the leaves finally star to fall. And with every new season there come new colors!…

Biotherm – Aquasource CC Gel

Are you dreaming about flawless looking skin? This product helped me getting there a step closer!

My Favorite Red Lipstick

Every girl needs a perfect red lipstick! Have you found yours yet? Here I show you mine.

London, UK

Lost Gravity (UK): Interview with Breno Val

Lost Gravity is a heavy rock band based in London (UK) formed in summer 2007 by singer and guitarist Breno Val. Originally a four piece band, they went through many…

Review: Alice Cooper “Brutal Planet”

Ihr fragt euch vielleicht weshalb ich gerade über dieses Album schreibe, da es eine eher unbekannte Scheibe von Alice Cooper ist und ihr denkt, dass es weitaus bessere Alben von…

Fakten und Gedanken zu Iron Maiden’s “Number of the Beast”

“Number Of The Beast” ist das dritte Studioalbum von den NWOBHM-Legenden Iron Maiden. Veröffentlicht wurde das Album im März 1982 und mit diesem Album landete das erste Mal eine Heavy…