Perfect Eye Make-Up for Sunny Fall Days

Perfect Eye Make-Up for Sunny Fall Days

fallIt is fall. And you can finally feel it! It got cold and windy and the leaves finally star to fall. And with every new season there come new colors! Today I got up and totally felt in the mood for a new seasonable eye makeup. And I associate the colors of autumn with brown, orange, red and yellow like you find them out in nature at that time. But yeah of course I don’t wanna get my makeup all yellow or red now (haha) as this would look pretty ludicrous to me. I like it natural and earthy and so the main color is brown with a little of orange and yellow accents in form of gold and bronze.


The main focus will be the eye shadow in those colors accompanied with black mascara and kohl as I just can’t live without those two! Then I want the brows to be bold and strong but look naturally so I use a pencil, brow powder and brow mascara in dark blonde/medium brown.





For the eye shadows I chose two different brown, bronze and gold all from Bare Minerals as I’m obsessed with those and really love their texture. But before applying those whit my brushes I use an eye shadow base to make it stay on longer. To finish this look I apply an earthy rosy lipstick plus lip liner on my lips, and I’m ready to go!


GetInline-5See the products I’m using here:

  • Eye Shadow Base: Lavera
  • Brow Pencil & Powder: Maybelline “Brow Satin” in medium brown
  • Brow Mascara: Maybelline “Brow drama” in dark blonde
  • Eye Shadows: Bar Minerals “Queen Phyllis”, “Tan Lines”, “Java” and “Coffee Bean”
  • Eye Shadow Brushes: Bare Minerals “Precision Eye” and “Eye Defining”
  • Kohl: Mac “Feline Kohl Power Pencil”
  • Mascara: Clinique “High Lengths Mascara”
  • Lipstick: Bare Minerals “Marvelous Moxie – Feel The Love”
  • Lip liner: Bare Minerals “Marvelous Moxie – Liberated”