Studio Pro Brush Set – BH Cosmetics

Studio Pro Brush Set – BH Cosmetics

This is the brush set I’m using every day to create my makeup looks. I invested in it a few months ago and I’m so happy I got it. Learning more about makeup everyday, I realized how important it is to work with different techniques and therefore with different brushes. It’s so much easier to apply eyeshadow when you have the right tool. Especially when it comes to blending or detail work, it is essential to have the right brushes to achieve a professional looking makeup.


18 pc Studio Pro Brush Set

And yeah I know makeup brushes can be really expensive. If you want to get one from a high end brand you easily pay $30+ for only one piece. I’m not the person that can afford that. So I had been searching around for a long time till I finally discovered the BH Cosmetics Studio Pro set. The set offers 18 professional brushes, some made out of animal hair, some synthetic. And it was discounted to $32 from $59.90. So I decided to give it a try.

And after using it for over 60 days I have to say I’m absolutely impressed. The brushes are stable, have lots of hairs and the quality is really good. My only concern is, that the powder brush sometimes looses a hair or two when I apply powder to my face. But I can live with that. Otherwise I’m really happy with the whole set and could recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great affordable brush set. Try it. I think it is absolutely worth the money. If you want to get your own, click on the red button below.


get-yours-now-2P.S. If you are from Switzerland you can get BH Cosmetics Products here. :-)



Which are your favorite brushes? Have you made any experience with this brush set?