The Temperance Movement

The Temperance Movement

The_Temperance_Movement_The_Temperance_Movement_coverThis time I wanna present another fairly new album. It’s the self titled debut album from British rockers The Temperance Movement which got released in September 2013. To me their heavier songs are the perfect music to listen to while driving through the hills of California. Therefor I prefer the songs “Only Friend”, “Be Lucky” and “Morning Riders” as they all have a rough catchy rhythm and spread fresh vibes.

But the album also offers nice soft ballads like “Serenity”, “Lovers and Fighters” or “Pride” to chill out to at home after an exhausting day.

In my opinion this album is definitely worth a listen! It’s also available on Spotify, so you can check it out there first before buying. Below you’ll find a YouTube video from the opener “Only Friend”.



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